Rating System

For those who aren't familiar the convoluted, silly, but fun 15-point system used by some web reviewers, here's a brief rundown:

15: As close to perfect as an album can get. Near my overall top ten, required listening for anyone.
14: Utterly incredible and completely essential to any decent collection of music. In my top 50.
13: Not quite perfect, but very close. Maybe a very small handful of weaker tracks, but nonetheless a must-have unless you just positively loathe the style or artist. 
12: Very, very good. Minor flaws here and there, but still a fantastic experience and a very recommendable purchase.
11: Most certainly worth hearing, if not quite essential.
10: Very solid. Some flaws, but still, worth a listen, especially if you're into the artist or genre.
9: Not bad. Nothing too special, but it's still an enjoyable listen.
8: Eh, decent.
7: Pretty mediocre. You can do quite a bit better than this. Serious fans only.
6: Very mediocre. Only for devoted fans.
5: Pretty bad. Completionists only.
4: Downright messy. 
3: Horrible. Avoid it like the plague.
2: Diabolically bad. Don't even consider it. Not for a second.
1. ...I don't even wanna know what I would consider a 1.

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