Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Word About the Rating System / Site Opening

Hello there. My name's Reagan, and I love music, particularly 60s and 70s rock. I'm also fond of electronic and country. For years, I've read various album review sites, and I've finally decided to create my own. Anyhow, with that short intro out of the way, let me explain the way I'll rate albums. The scale will go from 0 (ouch) to 15 (in my top ten). You'll get a feel for it as you read some reviews. Also, the albums that I review will be in a somewhat random order. Now, maybe I'll get hooked on one artist, and decide to review every album by him I own, but generally, I'll be reviewing whateverbi feel like. Sorry if that angers you. So, let the reviewing begin! Now....which album to start with......

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