Friday, September 7, 2012

Rating System Update, Plus Some News

Hey there, folks. I've recently changed some of the grades around a bit, as I'm changing the system a tad. Here's the new layout:

15: An all-time classic. In my top 15, definitely.
14: Absolutely fantastic and essential. In my top 50.
13: Not quite perfect, but very close. Definitely essential, in my opinion. In my top 100.
12: Very, very good. In my top 200.
11: Most certainly worth hearing, if not essential. In my top 250 or so.
10: Very solid. Some flaws, but still, worth a listen, especially if you're into the artist or genre.
9: Not bad. Nothing too special, but it's definitely not going to be horrible.
8: Decent.
7: Pretty mediocre. You can do quite a bit better than this.
 6: Very mediocre. Only for fans.
5: Pretty bad. Only for MAJOR fans.
4: Downright messy. Completionists only.
3: Horrible. Avoid it.
2: Diabolically bad. Don't even consider it. Not for a second.
1. No.

 And there you have it. Also, I'm planning on doing some complete discographies, finally. Once I get all albums reviewed by a single artist, I'll create an artist page, where I'll collect all of the reviews of that artist's albums in order, as well as write a bit about the artist himself. Talk to you guys later!


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