Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Next Discography?!? (And My Other Website)

       Hola, folks. Alrighty, so, I've reached a conclusion...I have absolutely no idea which artist I'm going to review next. So, I've decided to come to YOU for help. That's right, I know you're out there! Please, by all means, comment on this here article and tell me who you want to see. I don't care what genre, I don't care which artist -- just give me some ideas. Feel free to just leave a list of, like, 10 artists you'd like to see at some point. Seriously.

       Oh, and I have a new website! Me and this other web reviewer, Alex Whetham, have created this thing called The Tag Team Rock Reviewers where we take time about reviewing different artists' discographies. Right now, I'm finishing up Pink Floyd, so go check it out!!!

       And leave me some suggestions!! Please!!!

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