Sunday, April 14, 2013

Okay, I'm back!!

Sorry about that delay, folks, but I'm back. I recently took a short hiatus for a few reasons, one being that I got fed up with the glitchy blogspot interface, this mainly being manifested in the form of the second half of the Stones reviews being hard to access. If you've been having bad luck with this (I'm pretty sure everyone has), don't worry -- I'll put direct links to all the other parts of the Stones reviews at the bottom of the article. As for new pages, you guys are in luck -- I'll be starting on a page dedicated to The Flaming Lips sometime over the next week! To avoid any page glitches in the future (and to keep the site more regularly updated), I've decided to upload reviews on an album-by-album basis, as opposed to dividing them into parts like I have in the past. However, to keep from running into the problem that other blogs run into with this format (I.E. having the discography be backwards), I'm going to go through the albums in reverse. So for example, I'll be starting the Lips reviews with a look at their new album, The Terror.

So there you have it. See you guys in a week!

Rolling Stones, Part 1:
Rolling Stones, Part 2:
Rolling Stones, Part 3:
Rolling Stones, Part 4:
Rolling Stones, Part 5:
Rolling Stones, Part 6:
Rolling Stones, Part 7:
Rolling Stones, Part 8:

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